5 Best SEO Browser Extensions You Should Install NOW!


5 Best SEO Browser Extensions You Should Install NOW!

5 Best SEO Browser Extensions You Should Install NOW

The Chrome SEO addon is a powerful, comprehensive, and well-maintained tool for SEO. It provides in-depth SEO data and social media stats. Another useful tool is the User Agent switcher, which lets you change the default user agent and check cross-browser compatibility. BuiltWithit, another great addon, is great for active webmasters and competitors. This extension can tell you exactly what technology a website is using, which is helpful when trying to figure out how to improve a website’s SEO.


Mozbar is a browser extension that provides SEO tools. The extension is free to use, but you must be a MozPro subscriber to get full access to its features. It also relies on a smaller database than other leading link databases, which means that its updates are slower. Another popular browser extension is Ahrefs SEO Toolbar, which uses the Ahrefs database.

One of the most powerful tools MozBar has been its Page Analysis tool. This tool allows you to get tons of data on any webpage, including its on-page and off-page elements, as well as its link profile. Simply click on the magnifying glass icon to access the tool, then click the expansion button.

Similar Web

If you want to improve your SEO efforts, you should install the SimilarWeb browser extension. This tool will let you view key metrics for a website in just a click. It will also give you insights on the source of traffic to your website. You can use this tool to identify which strategies are working and which ones are not.

Its advanced analysis features will help you understand how many times your website has been redirected. You can see the HTTP status of every URL and which one is being redirected to the final destination. It will also highlight any HTTP error codes.

Foxy SEO Tool

The Foxy SEO Tool is a Firefox extension that contains a wealth of tools to analyze web site performance and optimize web pages. It includes tools for search engine optimization, web traffic analysis, and page analysis. The tool also allows you to compare your website to similar sites in your niche. This allows you to determine where you need to make improvements to your site. Other features include links to submit your site to top social networks.

This Google Analytics add-on allows you to check your website’s Page Rank, Alexa rank, Compete Rank, and more. It also displays the number of domains sharing your IP address and other sites with the same URL. You can also check your site’s ranking on Google and Yahoo Search.


Ahrefs is a great tool for analyzing and improving your SEO. It offers detailed information on websites and their ranking profiles, including keywords, canonical URLs, and word count. You can also use Ahrefs to get keyword ideas and suggestions to improve your website’s search engine visibility.

Ahrefs is free to download, though premium subscriptions cost around $99. The toolbar extension allows you to see similar websites and how they perform in search engines. You can also see the number of backlinks your website has to other websites.

Ahrefs is also an excellent tool to monitor your site’s loading times. It simulates unbiased search engine queries across all devices, so you can get a true idea of what your site is doing. You can even see what your competitors are doing, which can help you improve your SEO strategy.

Uber suggest

Ubersuggest is an SEO toolbar for your browser that allows you to search for keywords by analyzing the content on the page. It also allows you to analyze the speed of your page and the number of backlinks to your site. In addition, it will let you know if a page is broken so you can take action as quickly as possible.

Despite the fact that the tool is free, it can perform analyses that are close to those done by professional SEOs. The tool was originally developed to work with the Google Suggest feature and uses similar algorithms.