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The Experts at SEO Guru Underground

SEO Guru Underground is a membership site for internet marketing enthusiasts. It offers training from many of the best SEO gurus in the world. You can watch a live stream or download the content to learn more about SEO. You can also join their forum and receive daily advice from some of the top gurus in the industry.

Google Page Speed Insights

The tool is a great way to get a better understanding of your site’s speed and how it affects SEO.

The PageSpeed Insights test gives you a score between 0 and 100, with higher scores indicating better performance. Your score is based on a combination of lab data and optimization recommendations.

There are several important factors that go into calculating your PageSpeed Insights score, including server response time, total page size, and the number of resources required to load your site. These factors can significantly affect your score.

This can negatively impact your user experience and SEO ranking.

You can also improve your page speed by reducing the amount of images and media files on your site. This can help your website load faster and provide a better user experience.

In addition, you should consider your Total Blocking Time (TBT), which calculates the time it takes for a web page’s content to be unavailable to users. This metric is very important and determines 30% of your PageSpeed Insights score.

Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool is a reliable and comprehensive tool that can help you increase your site’s SEO ranking. It’s a good idea to use the tool regularly to ensure your site is performing at its best. But make sure you remember that it’s not an exact science, so don’t rely on it alone to evaluate your website’s speed.

Frank Kern

Frank Kern is a digital marketer and entrepreneur who has earned a net worth of $35 million.

He has written several books on internet marketing and has helped many entrepreneurs to succeed online. He is also a popular blogger and social media influencer who shares marketing-based videos on his YouTube channel.

His website is full of information on how to create a successful business using the internet. He provides tips on creating content that is relevant and optimized for search engines, as well as advice on how to use social media to increase traffic to your site.

In addition, he has published a number of courses on his website and offers coaching packages to help others make money from the internet. His best-known course is Mass Conversion, which teaches people how to create effective lead magnets and develop automated systems that capture leads online.

During the four-week program, you will learn how to determine what type of lead magnets work for your business, how to get them created quickly, and how to build an automated system that captures leads online and sends them marketing messages. You will also learn how to use Ascension to cross-sell and up-sell existing customers, which will help your company to earn more money in the long run.

He has also been successful in building a profitable consulting business that generates $175,000 per month. He shares his methods for achieving this goal in his book How I Created a $175,000 Per Month Consulting Business in 90 Days. In addition, he has an extensive list of case studies that show how other businesses have used his methods to achieve success.

Andy Jenkins

VP of Engineering at BrightScope, Andy Jenkins is responsible for the design and implementation of the company’s state-of-the-art data management platform. As the brains behind the wheel, he’s helped lead the team to multiple accolades, including being named a finalist in the 2018 Gartner Magic QuadrantTM for Business Intelligence Solutions. With a focus on the customer, Andy leads a small, highly capable team to deliver on-time, on budget and above and beyond expectations. With a background in data management, software architecture and design, he’s well suited for the job of putting together the right tools for the right people.

Andy is an Oregon State University alumnus who made the move to San Diego in 2006. He’s been at his current positon for over 10 years and has an impressive portfolio of clients to vouch for.

Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson is a lawyer who focuses on appellate advocacy and complex litigation. He has drafted briefs in a wide range of legal areas, including patent law, intellectual property, and environmental law. He also specializes in intellectual property enforcement and trademark prosecution.

In his spare time, Jeff Johnson enjoys playing guitar and bass. He produces music under the label Ark Records, and is a member of a number of musical groups. His repertoire includes instrumental fantasy, Celtic, and sci-fi inspired works. He also performs vocal progressive rock.

Originally from Tigard, Oregon, Jeff moved to Seattle in 1998. He began recording music in 1977 with a friend. Since then, he has released over 50 albums and gained international recognition and distribution.

With a mastery of the double bass, Jeff Johnson’s sound has evolved from an early style of progressive rock to modern Celtic, world music and jazz styles. His recordings reflect an artistic vision and a deep interest in philosophy and spirituality.

His latest album, Eirlandia (2017), is a collaborative work with modern Irish musician Phil Keaggy and was inspired by a trip to the spiritual haven of Cappadocia in central Turkey. It features eight tracks that capture the beauty and depth of Johnson’s experience.

On his third release with saxophonist Phil Keaggy, the two explore feelings that run deep in their musical being. They evoke a sense of trusting support, and the musical discourse that results from their collaborations is inviting, thoughtful and inspiring. They also draw a listener into blends and layers of expressive free playing that arise out of mutual attentiveness and finely attuned musical reflexes. The album is a compelling listen that reveals more and more with each spin.

Matt Cutts

Cutts is a Google employee who specializes in search engines. He is the head of Google’s Web Spam team, which protects the quality of the search results that Google offers. He is also a co-inventor of a Google patent that covers information retrieval based on historical data.

He has a PhD in computer graphics from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and he has an M.S. in computer science and mathematics from the University of Kentucky. He has been with Google since 2000 and was the first to write the first version of SafeSearch, a filtering program that helps protect users from unwanted content.

During his time with Google, Cutts has helped to shape many of the algorithms that affect search engine results. He is also well known for his public stance against link spam, and other unethical methods that attempt to manipulate search engine results.

Today, he is giving webmasters some valuable advice on how to create good meta descriptions for their websites. In particular, he recommends that they do not have duplicate meta descriptions on their sites. Instead, he suggests that they should let Google create snippets for their pages and use those snippets as the meta description of their website.

His other recommendation is that they should make sure that their mobile websites load as quickly as possible. This will not only help to keep their visitors on their site, but it will also be a positive ranking factor in the future.

This is great news for anyone who uses SEO to drive traffic to their website. They will be able to enjoy increased visibility in the search engines and increase their sales.


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